Ark Survival Evolved Review: Is Ark Good? Is Ark Worth it? (Xbox One/Steam Early access review)

Ark Survival Evolved PC/Xbox One Early Access Review:

After sinking in 50+(ish) Hours into Ark, I felt it appropriate to finally release a review for Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark Survival Evolved is best described as a per-historic survival MMO that blends the raiding/resource system of Rust, with Jurassic Park to create a rather brilliant, and unique title. I have ha dthe ability to play the agme on both my PC and Xbox One, and I also must say, most of my time on Ark Survival Evolved was spent on PvP servers, as I felt that was the most enjoyable experience. So my review is definitely a bit more-so geared towards Ark’s PvP side of things.


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