Bullet Time Magic And 10 Best Outriders Features | Outriders Gameplay (PC)

We’ve played four hours of Outriders gameplay, and will talk you through everything we saw. From slow motion Trickster magic to messy shotguns to Pyromancer explosions to meteor attacks to lightning bosses… All this and more as we look at the 10 best Outriders features, all with Outriders PC gameplay. Yum!

We were intrigued to discover Outriders new features after a vague Outriders trailer at E3 last year, but playing the game from the start reveals a whole lot more. It’s basically Gears of War meets destiny, but with no games as service nonsense: the loot boxes, the microtransactions. You can’t write an Outriders review based on the first few hours, but it’s great to see a game that doesn’t want to bleed you dry. Well, the monsters want to bleed you dry, but that’s a given.

In these Outriders demo impressions we’ll be looking at Outriders’ classes: Trickster, Pyromancer and Devestator. We look at Outriders weapons: the noisy sniper rifles, the shotguns that evaporate enemies in the spot. We cover the difference between single player and solo and how the world hubs work. It’s a big game. Needless to say, I think several people on the team might want to tackle this come Outriders review time. For now, this Outriders preview is all we have.

In these Outriders impressions we also look at side quests, how the game communicates all it’s hectic action and what the hell we are doing on the planet. For more on Outriders demo you can keep an eye on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site. Im intriguer to see how Outriders PS5 holds up to Outriders gameplay PC. I hope this Outriders preview video takes you beyond the simple Outriders trailers you’ve seen so far.

I hope you enjoy this video of Outriders impressions. If you watch it and have any questions about what we played, pop them in the comments. And share your Outriders reactions, too. Thanks for watching!

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